The path isn’t a straight line: it’s spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths,” said, Barry H. Gillespie.

The truth of the matter is; Chef Luis has had almost 3 decades of experience in hospitality and food. “I have had success and a spiral of learning along the way…I’ve come full circle, catering was where I started my professional career,” said Luis. One of his greatest accomplishments was opening a restaurant but his dream has expanded. The knowledge and resources gained over the years now, define Silva Events expertise.

Hawaii Chef Luis Silva’s cooking style comes from his ethnic Mexican background; his mom and dad continue to be a great influence on him. Chef Luis said, “it’s all about food and family; they also passed on a sensitive palate for which I am eternally grateful”. His family is from the borderland; Private Chef Silva likes to call his style of cooking ‘North Baja Style’.



In his extensive travels abroad the culinary artist worked alongside inventive Chef’s influencing his style of cooking. His passion is creating sauces and infusing other types of food into Mexican cuisine.

Luis studied at Culinary Institute of Tijuana. It was there that the importance of sourcing local produce and fresh seafood locally was solidified. The Hawaiian Islands provides him some of the best Seafood, organic proteins such as beef and pork and locally sourced produce. Luis is constantly creating new dishes inspired by what Hawaii has to offer, from the farmers to the fishermen.

For almost 30 years, the North Shore of Oahu has been his home. In that time, he has catered premiere events throughout the Island. It’s been a blessing.

One of his career highlights was receiving a phone call from the Legendary Big Wave Surfer, Derrick Doerner asking him if he would like to cook for Anthony Bourdain. He cooked at Mr. Peter Cole’s home at Rocky Point and the crew filmed him in action, "Chefing It Up!"


1998 Lisbon Portugal, Worlds Fair: CULINARY ASSISTANT

2002-2003 Biel Switzerland: LEAD KITCHEN MANAGER

2003 Luibuenos Catering Co.: FOUNDER

2004-2008 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing: EVENT CATERER

2007-2016 Luibuenos Restaurant, Haleiwa: FOUNDER

2008 Anthony Bourdain’s, No Reservations: FEATURED CHEF

2010-2013 Chef Under The Stars, Turtle Bay Resort: CHEF

2013 Sam Choy’s Cooking Show: FEATURED CHEF

2015 Culinary Institute of Tijuana Mexico: CULINARY DEGREE

It’s all about food and family. I love what I do and consider everyone, Ohana.


Luis Silva
Silva Events Hawaii